Arradio module is a voltage controlled FM radio for Eurorack synth systems.
Available on demand in DIY Kits or assembled.
Optional Minijack or Banana connectors.
Worldwide shipping.

Thanks Don Buchla for the idea, Tom Whitwell for the info & Befaco Team for the support.

Arradio Befaker Module

Arradio is not currently available
Maybe in future will be available again
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support and interest to this project.

Please contact me for more info


21/9/17 Arradio Back in Town
Now available in three kind of knobs
Wich one is yours?


last arradio units

6/2/16 Assembling the last 8 Arradio units
After these ones, Arradio won’t be available for an indefinite time.


arradio white panel

2/1/16 New year -> New panels.
Now in ‘don’t call me white’ color


arradio2 arradio1

28/9/15 Firsts units assembled.
Front panels in Black edition.


First ARRadio PCB's

2/9/15 Firsts PCBs are here!
Now making some tests!
Kits and modules will be available soon!



Sometimes can be necessary to use an antenna to boost the signal reception.
You can do it using an RCA-minijack or RCA-Jack cable.
RCA side pluged to module’s antenna output and minijack or jack pluged to anywhere you want of your synth.
In this way all your ground will work as antenna.


Info about module:

(Use save as command)
-> Arradio Assembly Manual <-
-> Arradio Front Panel <-
-> Arradio Board <-
-> Arradio Squematic <-

LINK to Radio PCBs:

Sadly, This item is no longer available.

-> Radio FM Platine TDA7088 <-


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Frank Bretschneider arradio
muffwiggler - arradio
Arradio comments
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Heidiwychan Arradio comment
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